Not as of yet. We have started working on iOS platform also and the APP should be released in the Month of June.
NO. The APP is currently for Android phones only. The number that is given at the time of registration will also be used as an ID to create the WALLET. The APP will allow only the number that matches the wallet number at the time of making the call. Even if you create a Wallet with the iOS number and then call from the Android phone the call will not go through as there will be a conflict.
The counselor can be selected based on the availability, their charge and their expertise.
A minimum of Rs.300/- is recommended for top up. In case there is an earlier balance payable then that amount is deducted first and only the balance will be available for the current session. To have a seamless discussion with the counselor please ensure that the balance amount is equivalent to at least 45 min x cost per min of the selected counselor.
The billing will be done based on the counselor selected and the charge that they want to charge. This is indicated clearly at the time of choosing the counselor. The charges will be per minute and the billing will start only after the first 2 min of buffer time.
There is no minimum duration of any call. You could choose to disconnect the call at any time during the conversation and you will be charged only for the time that was taken by you with the counselor.
We have provided for initial 2 min of buffer / FREE conversation. The rescheduling conversation with the counselor will not take more than 2 min and you will not be charged.
The payment would be deducted only based on the rate per minute indicated against the counselor chosen multiplied by the number of minutes spoken. The first 2 minutes are free. For e.g. if the rate per counselor is indicated as Rs. 5/ min and your call lasted 12 minutes, the charge would be Rs. 50. 
The call button in "Green" indicates that the counselor is available to take the call. If the icon is grey that would indicate that the counselor is unavailable at the moment and an indication of when the counselor would be available would be shown. The "Call Now "sign when clicked would indicate all the counselors available at the moment to talk to. The icon in green indicates that they are available. A call could also be scheduled with your counselor based on mutual availability.
You could choose the date and time you wish you speak and the list of counselors available at that time slot would be indicated. Alternatively if you know who you wish to speak to, you could search for that counselor and schedule an appointment based on their availability indicated against their profile.
Click on the "Call Now" icon and the list of counselors available at the moment would be shown. You could decide who you would like to talk to and proceed with the call. 
At the top search bar, key in the name of the reference counselor and details would appear. You could check their availability and proceed to call.
Yes .You would get a mail, SMS alert when your call is scheduled. 
Please do write to info@quinsel.com for any assistance.