Helping a child find their passion

In today’s world, a child has endless opportunities and possibilities. There are so many options to choose from, right from taking up hobbies, to making a career choice. From a young age, children are curious about their environment. They are constantly trying to explore and make sense of the world around them. It is in […]

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Handling your children’s Love-Hate relationship

Are you tired of seeing your kids fight with each other over small issues? Do you feel frustrated and tired of breaking up fights between your children? Do you feel stressed when you come back home because your children are fighting all the time? Are you confused about why they are fighting in the first […]

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The psychological menace called Bullying

You’ve probably heard the term before, most often in the newspaper, when there is a report of (yet) another innocent child being mercilessly bullied in school, much to the shock and despair of parents and school authorities. Yes, bullying is not an uncommon phenomenon. It may be happening around your child, and you may not […]

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Children, pets and their intimate bond

I can safely say that I have a very close bond to my pet dog, who first came into our home when I was about 12 years old. My parents brought a little, fluffy, white puppy home in a basket, on my brother’s 14th birthday, and this marked a significant chapter in our family’s life, […]

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Parenting a child with learning disability

The journey of parenting is long-winded: one that is not only joyous, fulfilling and enriching, but also full of twists and turns. Challenges come and challenges go, each with its own set of nuances and complexities. At the end of each day, you as a parent have one wish: that your child is happy. However, […]

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Why your teenager refuses to listen to you

Talking-back, lying, sneaking out of home, arguing, yelling, hiding. The teenage years are indeed a trying time, for both parent and child. You wake up one morning and your sweet, obedient child now absolutely refuses to listen to mom and dad! You’re probably confused, and also very frustrated. But there’s an explanation for their behavior. […]

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Helping your child understand death

Death is a sensitive and difficult topic to deal with, not just for adults but also for children. Children may not understand the full extent of the concept of death, and sometimes parents find it too difficult to explain to their child because they may be dealing with grief too. However, events as significant as […]

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Parenting Styles: How do you respond to your child?

Scenario 1: When three-year-old Samara goes up to her friend and grabs a toy out of her hands, Samara’s mother instantly scolds her by saying, “No! Give that toy back right now or you will be punished.” Scenario 2: When three-year-old Samara goes up to her friend and grabs a toy out of her hands, […]

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How to Make Up a Fight without More Tears

Which family doesn’t fight? Every family has its own squabbles and impassioned arguments and this is perfectly normal. However, it is also important to make up after fights. Don’t let your arguments go unresolved or without reaching a satisfactory (on both sides!) conclusion. So how can you do this? How do you go from screaming […]

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The Importance of Emotional Vulnerability

Life is complicated and very difficult, and parenting is one of those facets of life that never gets any easier. To be responsible for a life, without exerting undue pressure and recognizing that your children have lives of their own, is a delicate balance. Sometimes it seems that balance is impossible to achieve. Emotional vulnerability, […]

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What to Tell Children and When

What to Tell Children and When?

Children are inquisitive and always want to know things around them. They are actually building their sense of the world by what is said to them. The recent movie PK portrayed the innocence of an alien and the challenges he has in understanding the rules of this world especially where there are so many visible […]

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Why do children lie

Why do children lie?

Children are the best teacher any question that is child relevant is answered by the child himself, the only challenge is for the adult to decode the answer the child is giving us. Observation and a little use of the adult mind will lead us to many solutions and avoid running for help from different […]

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Human Tendencies

Human Tendencies

Tendencies can be defined as something that has become a part of the way we act or behave driven by the culture or society or values or conditioning. With so many variables contributing to the formation of human tendencies it is but obvious that there would be a plethora of them. Maria Montessori observed some […]

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