“QUICK CALL”  to connect with available empanelled counselors instantaneously.

On Demand

“CONNECT on the GO”: Access the empanelled counselors at the convenience of your time and place.


“CONVENIENCE”: plan a session in advance to connect with your preferred counselor.


“CONFIDENTIALITY”: giving you the comfort to discuss freely.

  • One tap Quick Call

    A quick call would show you the councillors available at that moment and you could go through the profile and decide with whom you would like to seek council.

  • Video/Audio Call

    For an Audio call , a good mobile network connectivity would suffice. You could seek council “ On the Go” . For video a good wifi connectivity would be preferred. Video call, will be launched soon.

  • Schedule your Calls

    You could have a call with the councillor of your choice based on a mutually convenient schedule.

  • Anonymous Call Options

    If you prefer a call without disclosing your identity but still seek councel, choose this option

  • Specialized and Experienced Counselors

    Counselors applying will go through our Empanelling Panel, headed by reputed, experienced and highly qualified counselors before they are listed to provide the service.

  • Easy Payment Option

    Mobile Wallet offers you a quick payment mechanism.

How does it Work

POD Register


  • Enter the Android Mobile number of the device  on which the APP will be installed
  • Validate by keying in the OTP sent as SMS


Choose the option to talk

  • CALL NOW : To immediately connect with the empanelled counselor.
  • SCHEDULE : To fix an appointment with the counselor based on mutual convenience.
  • SEARCH : Find a counselor from the entire list.


Connect with the Counsellor

  • Press the GREEN active Call button to connect
  • Load wallet with the value equalivent to at least 30 min of counselors charges
  • Speak to the counselor


End call & Rate Counsellor

  • END call at any time  of your choice
  • The amount equivalent to (duration x call charges / min) will be deducted from the Wallet
  • Submit your experience with  the counselor
  • Fix an appointment with the counselor for the next call.

About POD

Every parent wants to give the very best to their child. The question remains, “What is the very best?” With today’s demanding time schedules balancing between family and work is the first challenge.

A gift of love, the child comes in as a new member of the family. The child is the adult in the making, requiring a completely different set of skills to be nurtured.  The behaviour of the parents, the choice of words, actions etc are all creating a deep psychological impression on the child which will manifest at an later date so far apart that it will be impossible to connect the cause and its present effect.  Understanding the child and their needs is the only way to relate with them in a manner that will support them in realising their true potential. All of us are first time parents and external help is necessary.

POD, Parenting On Demand is a platform that is created by passionate group of people who have been working with children over the past decade and understand this acute need. This platform brings together some of the most reputed child counselors who are all just a “CALL” away.  Choose your convenient time to call or in case of need speak to them immediately. You have the option to have a video or an audio conversion and can choose to protect your identity.

An initiative of Quinsel Services pvt Ltd


Parenting on Demand


Personalities who are supporting to achieve our mission of making this India’s most preferred Parent Counseling platform.

Dr-TONY - Psychiatric Social Work

Dr Tony Sam George

Ph.D. in Psychiatric Social Work

M.Phil. in Psychiatric Social Work

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Dr Ali - Founder & head of Banjara Academy

Dr. Ali Khwaja

Founder & head of Banjara Academy

B. Tech ( IIT) , PhD

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Vijaya Savithri - private practitioner in Psychiatry

Dr. J. Vijaya Savithri

MBBS, DPM, DNB (Psychiatry) (NIMHANS)

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Dr Vanaja A Nair

Dr Vanaja A Nair

Doctorate in Psychotherapy

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